Highstreet Pursuit MKII

The track star that’s winning races and hearts across the globe. The infamous steel steed & full carbon 1.5 in. Columbus track fork Crit killer. MKI put us on the map. We’ve listened to feedback over the course of the last three years to design MKII. Let us build your complete dream rig. We can source the parts that will best suit your needs and the bike’s geometry. We’ll build it, you ride it. Let Stanridge walk you through the process. This rig is fast, crazy fast. So we want to be sure you’re prepped for this monster track bike.

“The bike is just as I imagined it before it was even built.  The geometry is insane, the paint job is so sick, the components all work so well together, just everything really.  It looks like it’s moving when it stands still.  Rides buttery smooth it almost feels unreal–it’s definitely the nicest bike I have ever ridden that’s for sure.” -Brandon

“Simply put, this is the best, most well designed bicycle for its price I’ve come across in my years as a cyclist. Combine that with Adams willingness to listen to what you want and help you translate it from idea into reality sets him/stanridge speed apart from the rest. If youre contemplating getting a frame from him, don’t sleep. This man is going places and fast.” -Mike

“You’re the most professional bike company I’ve ever dealt with” -Brad

$3,999.99 (Complete Bike)

$2,500.00 (Frame/Fork/Headset) MKII

$2,300.00 (Frame/Fork) MKI

Once you’re ready to go we’ll connect with you to get building the sexy fast steel bike of your dreams!