About Stanridge Speed

Stanridge is an Ohio based internationally recognized company that constructs highly respected bicycles. Stanridge will never waiver from core principles. We’re not about trend following or finding the cheapest way to produce the product; we’re about sexy bombproof bicycle frames built with integrity. I don’t have business goals or an exact idea of where Stanridge as a company is going. I’ve never had the idea by a certain year Stanridge needs to be at a certain point.

The one goal I do personally pursue is that of knowledge about my business sector, business practices in general, refining and progressing as a builder. My personal quest has been that of bicycle form, bicycle geometry, how they correlate and translate to comfort for my casual consumer and speed to the athletes. I’m a believer in less bigness, more authenticity. Do what feels right and good things happen.

I never set a goal of running a company, being a frame builder or a respected source of knowledge. I’ve always wanted to do great work, keep hustling, keep advancing and pursuing challenges, such as advancing my small privately funded race team.

Big manufacturing is constantly trying to find the solution to a problem that may not exist; they need to keep a huge investment pool happy. Rapid prototyping and an observation of where the urban racing scene was headed allowed me to enter the Redhook Crit with a purpose built bicycle and land Stanridge on the podium in 4 of 5 races entered (The only non podium finish due to a flat tire). While the big guys are doing something and hoping for the best, almost a stroke of luck, I’m designing the frame in a disciplined manner to win races, one of pure performance using the best materials and not one of maximizing profitability for the shareholders.

What are the needs? What’s a rationalization for a line that can help people get to work or the finish line? I don’t spend time looking over my shoulder to see what others are doing. My belief in what I’m offering and my core values allow me to do what I do successfully. People are attracted to that. I don’t need to ask permission. It’s relevant and authentic.

I’ve never been one to offer a static response or a static ad but rather a concept. The engagement with my riders is what excites me. For my brand to stay fresh I’m constantly looking for new fresh relevant ideas. I’m always looking straight ahead and forging new relationships. Relationships built on truth and honesty. I follow my DNA. It’s no secret my grandfathers were a huge part of my early years. This is all for them. I’ve gained the confidence to listen to my voice. It’s talking a lot right now. There are interesting initiatives and bicycles on the horizon.


When I unboxed the Stanridge the first thing that caught my eye was the headbadge. Made from 925. Sterling silver it shows a skeleton mashing to hell in the drops. Putting this kind of energy and evil behind the design behind the headbadge is important. Long after your paint is chipped and Patched with stickers your headbadge ensures your stanridge still has it’s teeth.

Adams frames are fillet brazed not welded. A process that is such a pain in the ass most frame builders will charge you extra. The fact that Adam works almost exclusively in medium shows. The joints are so smooth you’d assume the Columbus Life tubing had been forged as one. This man spends a lot of his life sanding and filing. If you doubt this just take a peek at his Instagram account.

I’m six months on this bike so far with many many miles of brutal weather commuting and winter has only just begun. This bike has outdone my expectations in every way so far and has plenty more trials to come. Adam has been outstanding to work with and is a friendly voice in the sometimes terrifying and strange process of first time custom frame purchase. If you’re looking to get the bike you want Adam has the know how to also ensure you get the bike you need.


I have been getting out! Bitter cold and often windy, but well worth it! The bike is insane dude! I mean, I know it is to be expected but I’m blown away! The first time out, I took it to the south towns of Buffalo to ride some country roads and rolling hills. First thing I noticed is that it was a HUGE confidence booster on descents. We have this huge hill near our shop in East Aurora that I always have to feather the brakes going down; it just always intimidates me. I flew down this thing in complete confidence with just enough time to hit the brakes to make the turn.  I know when we talked, I wanted a tighter geo than my current Masi, and I can definitely tell. It’s super quick and nimble. It makes riding from my apartment in the city to the outskirts a lot more fun.
Bottom line is this thing is a huge confidence booster. It makes me want to go fast. It kicks my ass every ride because I don’t want to stop. I can’t wait for warmer weather to really log some miles and shoot you some legit pictures and review. Shit, our resorts here opened over Thanksgiving and I’ve been riding my bike in 20 degree weather instead of skiing. I bought myself a set of lights so I can put just a few miles in when I get home at 10pm.
My Stanridge adventure bike  (I think of it as a CX/road hybrid. I really don’t know what you’d call it) is flat out insane dude. You truly outdid yourself with the complete build! When I close up the shop I’ll have to swing back to Columbus and we need to go for a legit ride!


I contacted Adam Eldridge late last year after spending considerable time researching builders online. Adam was very enthusiastic about the Grey Flash project, and his input was invaluable. The constant communication he provided, and photo documentation of the build progress, ensured that we jointly made detailed decisions along the way.
Adam not only produced the exact bicycle I envisioned and arranged delivery to a local shop, but exceeded my expectations in many ways with regards to developing a priceless customer-vendor relationship.
Thanks Adam!
Robert J.

Adam built me a beautiful custom road frame last fall. He listened to what i was looking for in a road frame, took precise measurements, and built me an incredible smooth, and surprisingly light bike. (thanks Adam!) I could not be more happy with the way it turned out.
Trenton B.

I have been a mechanic of different sorts for a large part of my life. I love working on projects and building all sorts of things. I always told myself I would build a custom bike someday. After working as a bike mechanic and being around high end custom built bikes I decided I should leave it to the pros. I settled on a Stanridge frame for a couple of reasons. One is that I knew because Adam was a small frame builder he would give my bike great attention to detail. I was confident that I would get exactly what I asked for and more when using Stanridge. I also knew from working with Adam that he has a great respect for old world craftsmanship.
From the initial fitting, down to the delivery I knew my frame was in good hands. The lightweight steel tubing we picked has an amazing feel. It soaks up the bumps on my rough commute, and really flies when I put the pedal down. It always puts a smile on my face.
Sometimes I will just sit back and stare at my bike almost as if I was in a museum. Every last detail of the bike is beautiful and finished to the highest level. It is almost as much fun to look at as it is to ride… almost. Thanks to Adam for building me the perfect bike.
David S.