Revision 1.


Saddle height is a bit closer to the ground than your current set up. As reflected 1019mm vs 1040mm. This could be a difference in the pedal set up.

Knee is flexed 30.3°. 30° is the median I look for. If you want to produce a bit more power you may go up 5-10mm.

Knee flexion is measured with the crank at the 6 oclock position. Crank arm length is 175mm. Please make sure your shoe is horizontal at the bottom of the stroke. This method has very minor drawbacks as is does not take into account ankle motion (ankling). Keep in mind your modeled as seated directly in the middle of the saddle. If you wanted to further open your hips for a faster cadence you could scoot forward 10mm on the saddle. I wouldn’t go any further as you’ll open your hip angle and start to lose performance as non propulsive muscular work will come into play and your economy will worsen. 97.9° as modeled is the sweet spot.

Shoulder angle should be about 90°. You’re at 86.1° with an elbow bend at 18° when your in the drop of the bar.

You’ll need a 0° rise stem at 110mm with 7mm of spacers. The frame is modeled with a traditional king headset.

Dan Chabanov Reviews the 2012 Winning Red Hook Crit Stanridge

After reading about Dan last year I knew immediately I wanted to put a bike under him for the Fifth Red Hook Crit. He’s a cool, laid back to the point guy. He’s cordial yet has an underlying intensity and drive thats unmistakable to those sharing the same traits.

Dan Chabanov is currently Category 1 on the road and Pro CX.

The Red Hook Criterium, the creation of David Trimble is an unsanctioned fixed gear, no brake event in the Red Hook neighborhood in South Brooklyn, NYC. This year in its Fifth iteration it brought in Pros (the current USA single speed cx champion), amateurs, messengers and international riders from Six other countries. Make no mistakes the Red Hook Crit is not your local alley cat.

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